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Improve your Communication and Increase Your Productivity

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Whether it’s a half-day, full-day, retreat or video conference, you’ll find a program to accelerate your results through confident communication and priority management. 

Here are a few of our most popular topics:


Communicate with Tact & Finesse

Imagine this: you’re a manager and one of your summer interns comes to work in their pajamas…or, one of your team members is repeatedly bathing in the department water fountain.  Would you know what to say or be confident in saying it in these scenarios?  These are actual profiles of Allison’s clients – and all were able to address their employees with tangible results. During an award-winning public relations career, Allison discovered several techniques to position information ethically to be positively received. She shares these ideas with you to create conversations based on respect and integrity. When you communicate with tact and finesse, you’ll have the confidence, as well as strategies, to put people at ease, resolve conflict and persuade others to listen. Here are just a few of the tools and benefits you’ll receive:

  • Never be at a loss for word
  • A 4-step conversation model to use in awkward situations
  • Use the 8 universal motivators of human behavior to get appropriate results
  • Foster respect for you and the organization
  • Position your message to get it hear, not just said
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How to be Assertive without Being Pushy

It’s an established fast that 56% of all women have challenges with being assertive.  When faced with awkward or uncomfortable situations, women forget assertiveness and opt for two extremes:  the “in-your-face” or “doormat” routines.  And it’s not just limited to women.  Men tend to over-react most frequently with aggressive and competitive attitudes or resistant silence.  Both styles alienate people and reduce productivity.Would you like to be able to speak up for what you want and have the other person still feel respected?  Would you like to be able to get along while getting the work done? 

Allison explores why you react the way you do – and gives you a simple, four-step technique to speak to anyone, regardless of status.  This method is based on respect and personal power and can be mastered in as little as three conversations. Plus, you’ll discover how to be congruent in your communications – making sure your gestures and demeanor convey the same impact as your words.  You’ll learn how to say no without ever saying “no” when you need to requests. 

And, you’ll understand how conflict, if approached correctly, can actually be a positive and motivating experience.

Some of the benefits of How to be Assertive without Being Pushy are:

  • Take the edge out of difficult conversations
  • Identify your assertive rights
  • Create cooperation and trust
  • Get the work done while getting along
  • Ideas on overcoming the fear of confronting situations
  • Tools to take the edge out of overly aggressive conversations

This half or full-day program is highly interactive with hands-on, practical tools.  You’ll master how to think on your feet in tough situations and how to approach the most resistant person to gain results and respect.

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Managing Conflict with Ease

Research shows that managers and supervisors spend 80-90 percent of their time trying to resolve or contain conflict.  The result?  Resentment, poor morale, breakdown in communications, lowered productivity, increased frustration and higher turnover due to unresolved issues, just to name a few.  And, that’s just the conflict at work – we haven’t discussed the issues at home… More than 50% or the people you live and work with dread or avoid conflict at any cost.  Yet conflict is a natural part of life.  Most people respond to conflict negatively because they haven’t been taught the skills to make it productive, comfortable and effective.  When communicated correctly, conflict can actually become a positive motivator that can re-energize your team. 

In this fun, skills development-oriented, highly interactive program, your team discovers how to:

  • Minimize stress by making conflict solution-centered
  • Recognize and handle the four types of conflict successfully
  • De-fuse hot button reactions
  • Create a win-win environment

Allison was reluctant to become an expert in this area, but life’s challenges forced her to find solutions in difficult situations.  Now she shares real-life ideas to take the sting and stress out of disagreeing while motivating others to be solution-based.  Managing Conflict with Ease is a “must-have” for high-stress environments or organizations experiencing rapid growth and change. Benefits:

  • Take the sting out of disagreeing
  • Make conflict comfortable and productive
  • Reach solutions, not confusion
  • Build relationships with respectful and creative disagreement
  • Be recognized as a creative problem solver
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Creating Buy-in: The Art of Persuasion and Motivation

In a crazy world of tweets, texts and viral videos, you only have a few seconds to get your message heard.  This interactive program gives you hands-on tools to cut through the clutter to motivate and persuade others to buy-in.  Discover how to grab your listener’s attention with a message that is targeted and persuasive in just 3 simple steps.  Increase your client compliance up to 93% by using one single word.  And, create immediate buy-in and motivation by answering the one question every person asks.

The premise of this program is based on how our brains work, both consciously and unconsciously, and how that affects decision making.  If you’ve ever presented another person with mountains of logical data and yet they make an emotional, irrational decision instead, then you’ve encountered this phenomenon.  “Creating Buy-in” identifies this process and provides communication tools to ethically persuade and convince others to support your facts and data.  Plus, it helps you understand and overcome objections by learning to see the situation from another’s perspective.

Hands-on on skills and tools you’ll develop include how to:

  • Grab a listener’s attention and keep it
  • Powerfully organize your message so it is remembered
  • Tap into the 7 subconscious motivators that everyone responds to
  • Discover three neutral words to diffuse and redirect behaviors
  • Increase compliance up to 93%
  • Answer the one question people want to know
  • Evoke trust by demonstrating the other person’s point of view
  • Overcome objections with the Motivated Sequence model
  • Create buy-in persuasively and with integrity
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Develop a Powerful Executive Brand

How do you want to be perceived professionally?  Do other people recognize the value you offer the organization?  What is your career brand?  The answers to these questions play a major role in your professional progress – and most people don’t have a strategic approach to managing their most valuable asset: your reputation and brand.

You can have the experience and qualifications of a leader, but without executive presence, you won't advance. EP is an elusive blend of qualities that true leaders exude, a presence that telegraphs you're in charge or deserve to be. Articulating those qualities isn't easy, however.

Filled with eye-opening insights, analysis, and practical advice for both men and women, this 4-hour program identifies what traits make participants both valuable and successful through self-assessments and group discussion. Participants then determine how to network and promote these traits respectfully to key stakeholders in order to leverage their professional value. 
Developing a Powerful Executive Brand will help you make the leap from working like an executive to being perceived as an executive.
Hands-on on skills and tools you’ll develop include how to:

  • Assess unique qualities that set you apart from other high potentials
  • Strategically map out a communications plan for key stake holders
  • Identify body language that is secretly sabotaging your leadership success
  • Network both within and beyond the organization to cultivate advocates
  • Respectfully share good news and past successes without sounding like you are bragging
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Working Off the Same Script

If you support multiple bosses or teams, you’ve probably experienced competing goals and demands.  You might even feel stuck in the middle between bosses who consistently consume large amounts of your time, focus and energy at work.  At the end of the day, you feel fragmented, exhausted and not confident that you are achieving as much as you know is possible.

“Working from the Same Script” addresses how to juggle and finesse differing behaviors and personalities in order to get the work done.  It looks at the root of conflict and negative behavior while providing solutions to help you be proactive and respond without taking it personally.  You’ll also working on a communications networking strategy to develop a team of supporters and advocates in tough times.  And you’ll end the day with powerful conversation models to redirect behaviors and create buy-in.

Hands-on on skills and tools you’ll develop include how to:

  • Understand what situations can provoke unacceptable behaviors and how to respond without taking it personally
  • Identify your own preferred style and how it impacts the people around you
  • Practice “positive politics” to facilitate decision and buy-in for faster results
  • Develop a communication strategy to build mutually beneficial relationships and provide problem-solving support
  • Use a 4-step conversation model to push back respectfully and when needed, be comfortable offering alternatives if you must say “no”
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Listening Skills for Leaders

Does your staff listen accurately to you?  Do you suffer through rambling conversations with no direction?  Want to boost morale and productivity?  Are you trying to retain a younger talent pool?  Then it’s time to develop powerful listening skills for leaders and managers. Author Harold Kushner states that “listening is one of our greatest psychological needs.”  When the leader is a powerful listener, staff and team members are more engaged, feel a higher commitment to their work and are more productive.  In this engaging and interactive program, you’ll develop the skills needed to:

  • Capture the unspoken message of conversations
  • Build relationships and boost morale instantly
  • Control up to 51% of a conversation
  • Make a positive impression at social functions

Listening Skills for Leaders not only provides ideas and techniques to strengthen professional relationships, but works wonders with friends and loved ones, too. You’ll be amazed how these simple yet effective tools are easy to apply with immediate results. Benefits of the program include:

  • How to talk so that people listen
  • Ability to redirect rambling speakers
  • Ask the right questions to get the right answers
  • Remember and retain more of what is discussed

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Stop Being Crazy Busy – Life Balance and Stress Solutions

Everyone seems to be challenged with doing more and in less time – and it’s taking a serious toll on our personal and professional lives.  The government estimates that American businesses lost $40 billion in productivity and medical related illnesses.  And life-style magazines tout articles on how to keep your BlackberryÔ out of meetings and your personal life! If this sounds like your workplace or home, it’s time to bring a little sanity to your chaos.  Discover how to re-energize your teams and yourself to get the work done while maintaining a stress-less outlook.  In this interactive, hands-on program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Discern which situations are truly “stress worthy” (hint:  less than 11% qualify!)
  • Separate important projects from urgent time wasters
  • Become part of the 3% that actually accomplishes dreams and goals
  • Add years to your life with endorphin-boosting exercises

Benefits of Stop Being Crazy Busy – Life Balance and Stress Solutions include:

  • Eliminate up to 89% of your stress
  • Experience a technique to immediately dissipate your negative mood
  • Become creative problem solvers instead of chaos “victims”
  • Proven time-management tools to use at home and at work
  • Relax and refocus in a matter of minutes

Stop Being Crazy Busy – Life Balance and Stress Solutions is a sure-fire way to get your organization re-energized with a commitment to lighten up and be more productive.  The program is highly effective both as a half or whole-day program.

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Managers Only: How to Motivate Rocks with Lips

Do you ever feel as though you are speaking to “rocks with lips?”  Is your team productivity suffering or does staff appear unmotivated?  You may be surprised to learn that most psychologists don’t believe in “unmotivated” behavior – so why does your team act that way? In Managers Only: How to Motivate Rocks with Lips you’ll discover how to quickly identify the root of “unmotivated” behavior and more importantly, master how to redirect and motivate your group to get them back on track.  This full-day program examines the four core human behaviors, which were first documented in 400 BC.  Still prevalent today, you’ll determine how to:

  • Identify and value individual differences
  • Set goals for behavior change
  • Reinforce positive behaviors
  • Master a 4-step conversation model to address inappropriate behavior

Most of our workplaces deal with diverse cultures, issues, backgrounds and deadlines, and we don’t always have the time to invest personal attention in each employee.  This program gives you tools to motivate the majority of your team at all times with minimal energy and expense.

Read a review of Managers Only: How to Motivate Rocks with Lips from the American Society of Training and Development by clicking here. This program is an excellent insight of why people are motivated to perform, and a must for new managers and leaders of stressful or rapid-change departments.

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