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Upside: How to Zig When Life Zags!
Upside The Book  

Have recent life changes caught you off-guard?  Do you feel trapped by economic or career circumstances?  Are you hoping to transition into a different job or lifestyle but can’t seem to make the switch?  The solution is simple when you know how to find the “upside” in unexpected situations. 

In this engaging, empowering and inspiring book, Allison Blankenship and Bonnie Michaels show you how to find your way out of fear and chaos to create a life of sustainable, long lasting success.  You’ll learn how to:

  • Harness the power of change comfortably
  • Build your bank account while simplifying your life
  • Create your own crystal ball to identify emerging opportunities
  • Network efficiently and build a community of support
  • Write your own rules for happiness and success

Early reviews call Upside a “new kind of 10-step program for life-path rejuvenation in chaotic times” (Phil Jason, Florida Weekly 7/2/10) while Human Resource professionals are endorsing it for “young professionals just starting out; middle managers ‘caught’ in non-satisfying yet well paying careers; senior professionals struggling with upcoming retirement decisions; and retirees wondering how to live with their ‘transition’” (Sue Binder, retired HR executive, Chase Bank). 

To purchase the book for for in-depth discussions and strategy ideas, visit  Based on the number of participants, Upside can be purchased with a bulk discount as part of a meeting or training package. $15.95

Life Compass for Women
Life Compass for Women  

Designed for busy women juggling career, family and everything else, Life Compass features expert advice from 17 women on finding the balance between doing it all and having more fun.

In this easy-to-read format, you’ll discover how to:

  • Channel your inner diva to renew and recharge
  • Become more mindful and live in the “now”
  • Release guilt and frustration to live in gratitude and bliss
  • Develop a community of support for lasting friendships
  • Undertake a mental makeover for a renovation from the inside out
  • Overcome the fear of failure

Life Compass is crammed full of tips, techniques and insights to help you maximize your time off, embark on your life’s purpose and bring the people you love along with you.  $14.95

Career Compass for Women
Career Compass for Women  

Imagine having your own team of executive coaches to navigate you through the challenges of building a business or leading a team -- you do with this hands-on guide for professional women.  14 experts reveal insider shortcuts to success with truth-from-the-trenches technique. 

You’ll discover how to:

  • Accelerate your results with effective priority management
  • Live an imperfect life and love it
  • A sure-fire method to grow your business-base
  • Maximize the talents of your team
  • Communicate for success
  • Get the recognition you deserve

Career Compass for Women is a must-have for women on the go and on the grow!  It’s a great gift for yourself or your favorite business professional.  $14.95




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