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Looking for a keynote or conference speaker that will create a buzz about your meeting?  Or, are you hosting a retreat and need an inspiring message?  Find out why Allison was named the Florida Speaker of the Year by her professional peers with these highly entertaining and content-rich presentations:

Real Women Have Chipped Nails:

This is Allison’s most popular keynote and a “must-have” for women-on-the-go, multi-tasking mavens and moms juggling career and family, Real Women is a funny and fun approach for integrating personal and professional goals while establishing a rewarding life plan.  The title can be adjusted to include gentlemen as well -- discover how to complete more critical tasks in less time, put an end to burn out, and how to harness change to reveal the life plan you are intended to follow.  Audiences rave about this empowering, insightful and humorous presentation with a message that being “real” is about loving your life and the people in it…along with hands-on strategies to reduce your stress while accelerating your results.

Leverage your Value through Priority Management:

Do you ever have days that are hectic and full but at the end, you can’t account for tangible outcomes?  Then chances are you aren’t fully leveraging your to-do list for maximum efficiency.  In this simple yet revolutionary exercise, Allison Blankenship demonstrates how to make every minute count and become a rainmaker for your organization or department.  Based on the work of New York Times best-selling author Julie Morgenstern, this amazing tool enables you to work fewer hours while accomplishing more tangible results.  Allison is one of 3 trainers in the US certified in this cutting-edge priority management program.

Revitalize and Re-energize your Life & Career:

It’s not unusual for your personal life or career to reach a plateau. The question is, how do you revitalize that zest without starting from scratch?  That’s exactly where Allison Blankenship found herself after a corporate buy-out ended her dream job.  By answering just a few key questions, Allison shows you how to incorporate passions, aspirations and pastimes into your daily routine to revitalize and re-energize your life.  And by indentifying into your personal Power Core, you can also demonstrate your strengths and talents to others.  This program is based on Allison’s newest book, Upside: How to Zig When Life Zags!

I Wish I’d Said That! How to Communicate Under Pressure

Do you worry that people are taking you seriously?  Have you ever been-caught off-guard and mumbled and incoherent answer?  Never again! In I Wish I’d Said That!, you’ll create conversations that get the results you want, when you want them with two distinct conversation models that are easy to learn and use – and work in even the most awkward situations.  Through interactive exercises, you’ll master a tool to be able to think on your feet with poise and control. You’ll be able to motivate others to listen and buy-in to your proposal.  You’ll have a “secret” formula to answer unexpected questions while sounding both organized and confident. Best of all, you’ll be polished and professional no matter what the circumstances. If you need an engaging, “get-em-talking” and results-oriented program, this is an ideal breakout topic. 

Upside: How to Zig When Life Zags:

Is your company or organization experiencing rapid change? Are the recent economic downturns impacting your career choices?  Are you hoping to transition into a different job or lifestyle but can’t seem to make the switch?  The solution is simple when you know how to find the “upside” in unexpected situations.  In this engaging and inspiring presentation, you discover how to find your way out of fear and chaos to create a life of sustainable, long lasting success.  You’ll learn how to develop more resilience to channel the power of change comfortably, network efficiently and build a community of support, and write your own rules for happiness and success.

Upside is based on Allison’s new book of the same title, just released in June, 2010.  Early reviews call the book a “new kind of 10-step program for life-path rejuvenation in chaotic times” (Phil Jason, Florida Weekly 7/2/10) while Human Resource professionals are endorsing it for “young professionals just starting out; middle managers ‘caught’ in non-satisfying yet well paying careers; senior professionals struggling with upcoming retirement decisions; and retirees wondering how to live with their ‘transition’” (Sue Binder, retired HR executive, Chase Bank). 

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