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Leadership Development

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Establishing a Powerful Executive Brand

How do you want to be perceived professionally?  Do other people recognize the value you offer the organization?  What is your career brand?  The answers to these questions play a major role in your professional progress – and most people don’t have a strategic approach to managing their most valuable asset: your reputation and brand.

In this half-day program, participants identify what traits make them both valuable and successful, then determine how to promote these traits respectfully to leverage their professional value.  The program is broken into two modules with multiple self-assessments and group discussion.

Once the training is completed, you will:

  • Fully understand which talents and strengths bring value to an organization
  • Craft a personalized UVP, unique value proposition, that distinguishes you from the competition
  • Identify key stakeholders who can propel your career
  • Organize a strategic communication plan to network and reach out to influencers
  • Learn how to share past successes without bragging
  • Determine body language that sabotages a powerful and confident presence

Managing by Influence

How to Impact Outcomes without Authority

Are you accountable for goals or outcomes that rely on other people to achieve?   Do you have no direct authority with these individuals and may even have competing deadlines?  Welcome to the new way of working: multiple project teams, multiple clients and more than one “boss” to support yet none of the hierarchal structure to enforce decisions and assignments.

Explore three essential areas that affect the way we work and how to impact results when the authority lines are “dotted” instead of direct.  You will:

  • Determine how trust and credibility influence potential work relationships and outcomes
  • Identify the ROI in partnerships to invest or withdraw “emotional currency”
  • Examine the natural misalignments that occur in project work and complex organizations
  • Apply a matrix to align goals to gain commitment
  • Use partner-driven communication to address boundary breaches or negotiate deadlines

Developing Executive Presence

If you aspire to move up within your organization, this program is a must-do.  You’ll get insights into the ability to influence people to take action and follow your lead.  You’ll practice body language that radiates confidence and authority. And you’ll learn conversational and presentation techniques to persuade and motivate people to action.

Allison created Developing Executive Presence after many years of working with clients on other projects, only to be asked to instill her own sense of polish and professionalism with company executives.  The result is a two-day, intensive development program with video-taped personal coaching and feedback.

You can expect to gain the following in this unique training:

  • Identify and build upon your personal strengths vs. leveraging mediocrity
  • Master a four-step conversation model to redirect behavior and gain commitment from team members
  • Connect to individuals and command respect through powerful body language
  • Craft a concise and meaningful message that is remembered and repeated
  • Organize your thoughts coherently in impromptu situations
  • Learn how your personal first impression is either supporting or sabotaging your efforts

Interview Skills to Appear Confident and Credible without Bragging

You finally scored the interview for a position you’ve worked hard to qualify for and is the next step in your career goals.  Now what?  Are you prepared to confidently answer the 50 most commonly asked interview questions?  Can you share your past “wins” in a way that adds value vs. bragging?  Do unexpected questions leave you grasping for words and intelligent answers? 

The answers to those questions play a major role in your professional progress. Surprisingly, most people don’t have a strategic approach to managing their most valuable assets: your reputation, past successes and personal credibility.

In this full-day course, you’ll discover body language strategies to help you appear confident even when you don’t feel that way.  You’ll have a proven tool to organize your answers ahead of the actual interview to showcase your strengths in an interesting, impactful style. And you’ll learn how to read the interviewer’s physical response in order to enhance compatibility.  You’ll also identify which of your skills have the most appeal and how to leverage that value into a future role or position.  And you’ll do all of this in a manner that subconsciously communicates credibility and expertise.

This program combines the details of executive presence, building your professional brand and dynamic presentation skills with proven tools and methodology.  The day is hands-on, highly interactive and includes a “before and after” interview session.

Take-aways from the day include:

  • Strategies to talk about your successes and skills without bragging
  • Body language gestures and posture that develop a credible presence even when you are nervous or don’t feel confident
  • Transform dry or boring topics into interesting, usable and persuasive points that create buy-in
  • Establish an executive brand that supports your career goals
  • Review the best way to answer the top interview questions commonly asked
  • Identify your key strengths and how to leverage those into future positions
  • Create compatibility using body language
  • Complete a game plan for the interview using proven, persuasive presentation tools
  • Develop a UVP to make yourself stand out above the competition

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