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Browse a brief collection of articles outlining our most popular tools and strategies. Whether it’s changing someone’s behavior, being a more powerful presenter or just outlining your next presentation, please feel free to share, and enjoy!

The Power of Executive Presence

Quick reference to help define what is “Executive Presence” exactly and with tools to help develop it

Precision Pyramid Presentation Outline

If you’ve attended one of our hands-on presentation skills programs for technical speakers and subject matter experts, this is the inverted triangle outline used to create presentations.

Communicating with Unmotivated Teams

Ideas to convert the two most common nonresponsive employees into productive contributors.

The Eyes Have It

Using body language to understand how people process information.

EASY Script for Results

A four-step conversation model to initiate awkward conversations, difficult topics or deliver bad news.

EASY Script for Managers

The four-step conversation model used to change undesirable behavior while still motivating the individual to perform.

From Conflict to Confidence in 48 Hours

Strategies to reduce the anxiety of conflict and achieve positive outcomes.

The Leadership Decision-Making Dilemma Part 1

A model to determine the process for making “Simple vs. Complicated” decisions.

The Leadership Decision-Making Dilemma Part 2

Chaotic vs. Complicated decisions are outlined with a process to determine outcomes.

Simple Signals that Sabotage Clear Communication

Tips on how to read and interpret a listener’s body language.



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